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Manage your health like you manage your wealth; with the help of an expert.

Team up with a buddy, significant other, or small group of friends 


Semi-private group training includes the following:

  • Individual attention in an energized small-group setting

  • Programming that caters to each person's skill level

  • Fun, challenging, versatile workouts

  • Personal training at a fraction of the cost 

  • Never more than 4 people together

Our Private Training program

Looking to accelerate your results? Look no further than our semi-private training program! Receive more individualized attention and benefit from the in-depth instruction by one of our qualified coaches in a semi-private training format (1-4 people) while still being able to focus on your individual goals. Our members see the same benefit of personal training at a fraction of the cost, plus, it is much more fun to train with others.

Who are Private Coaching Programs for? 

Our semi-private programs are designed for those members who want a more individualized approach to achieve the body composition, health, and performance goals they have set for themselves. 


Great for couples, friends, family members and work buddies.

Seminar Bench Liftoff.jpg


The benefits of semi-private training are dependent on your goals. Focusing on your goals is our main priority, but a few potential benefits include: 

  • Improve Body Composition (shed body fat!)

  • Increasing full body strength

  • Get rid of nagging aches and pains

  • Improve your posture

  • Improve your flexibility and mobility

  • Strengthen your core

  • Improve the way you look, move, and feel!


The value of our training services comes from our expertise in identifying and providing correctives to any movement dysfunction you may have, professional program design, and exceptional coaching. Our coaches teach you proper exercise techniques and educate you on proper training practices, empowering you with the skills and knowledge necessary for long-term success. Whether performance- or body composition-driven in nature, our semi-private training will help you reach your goals!

What to Expect at Your First Session

Arrive ready to work out! Wear loose-fitting athletic clothing, flat soled shoes, and bring a water bottle. On our first day, we do a full workout, but slow it down a bit and focus on getting you comfortable with the exercises, your coach, and the gym. We take the time to talk about your specific goals and what you want to get out of training. 


Each member undergoes our comprehensive movement screen, which helps us identify any specific movement dysfunction, stability, flexibility or mobility issues as well as any asymmetries or postural issues. This ensures we create the best training program at the proper training level for you in relation to your individualized goals and needs, any limitations or concerns, while also maximizing your rate of progress. 



For Semi-Private Personal Training, we currently offer training opportunities from     1-3x/week with 12-week minimum commitments.


Semi-Private Personal training sessions can be completed on a very flexible schedule based on your availability. A typical training sessions lasts about 60-75 minutes, but can be designed to fit whatever your schedule requires.


Combine the excellent benefits of semi-private personal training with unlimited access to our Kettlebell and Conditioning classes to smash through all of those S.M.A.R.T. goals in the fastest route possible, all at no additional cost!


Registration for the sessions through our website or our mobile app is required in order for us to best prepare your session.


We try to discourage members from consistently missing sessions, as results are dependent upon consistent dedicated effort. We do not refund unused training. However, we may be able to roll unused training into future use at the gym. 

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