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Finding Your Strength

We all begin our fitness journeys at different points, and we each have unique needs and goals—and your training program should reflect that.

At CSC, we'll guide you on your personal journey to strength by providing you with all the tools and support you need to succeed.

We remove the mystery by teaching you everything you need to know, including exactly what exercises to perform, how to perform them, how much weight to use, how many repetitions to complete, and how often to train.



Strength and

We believe you’ll build the strongest, most resilient body by following a balanced training program that develops both your maximum strength and your ability to sustain effort over a period of time. Though there’s certainly some overlap, we’ve found that barbells are the best tool for building pure strength, and kettlebells are the best tool for building work capacity (conditioning).



We purposely limit the number of movements we teach, focusing on the most important compound lifts and foundational kettlebell exercises, so that you can learn to execute each with precise technique. Form is drilled repeatedly under the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced coaches to insure that you’re always loading in the safest possible way for your particular body type.


You may be surprised at how little time you spend training each week. The compound movements we emphasize work the entire body as a unit and require adequate recovery time for repeated high level effort.


We’ll show you how to incrementally increase the weight you're using over time, whether you’re doing kettlebell swings or deadlifts. You’ll see clear evidence of progress as you look at your training diary and observe that you’re able to move more weight from month to month—a significant departure from the haphazard workouts most so-called trainers devise merely to exhaust you.


Because we’ve worked with children to seniors, sedentary folks to competitive athletes, and everyone in between, we know how to modify exercise selections and training volume based on age, sex, fitness level, and health status. We meet you where you are and help you get better.

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