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Our story begins with a chance meeting that occurred when Chuck and his longtime coach, Marty Gallagher, travelled from Maryland to King of Prussia in 2013 to conduct a training seminar organized by their mutual friend, well known kettlebell instructor, Phil Scarito.


Chuck was quickly smitten with the seminar’s smallest participant and somehow managed to wrangle a date. As he returned from Maryland two weeks later, he and Christina were about to embark on a shared journey that would take them to Hawaii and back before ultimately realizing their shared dream of owning a gym together.

Our decision to open a gym wasn’t easy. Such a step always has many factors to consider. But it did feel like the right move at the right time. This feeling of rightness was borne of a chance meeting that blossomed into much more.


When we created CORE Strength Training, we knew we wanted to be more than just another calorie burning gym. We share a vision that everyone — not just competitive athletes or those with youth on their side — can benefit greatly in everyday life by engaging in a program of real strength and conditioning with barbells and kettlebells.


Strength really is for everybody and can be incredibly empowering, but only when it’s done right. In order for everyone who walks through our doors to benefit from strength training, a cookie cutter approach simply won’t work.


Thus, we offer all of our members individualized training programs. Our programs take into account each person’s unique strengths, weaknesses, mobility issues, health concerns, and training goals. And we modify them as these variables change.


We don’t just assess you, hand you that personalized training program, and send you on your way to implement it on your own either. We provide an intensive learning environment led by intelligent and caring coaches who monitor your progress each step along your journey.


Most of all, we foster a welcoming atmosphere and community that provides everyone a sense of belonging. We knew we had to do this if we wanted to debunk the myths surrounding strength training and help our clients achieve the fitness they seek.


Relationships are at the core of most everything good that happens in our lives. Relationships are the reason CORE came to be and the reason it exists today.

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