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The best gym in the area. A welcoming community and REAL strength training equipment! But honestly, my favorite part is the diversity. Women, men, athletes, non-athletes, people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and I think there's a guy in his 70s. Whether you're a jacked and strong pro or someone who's NEVER set foot in a gym, you get treated warmly and like you matter. Whatever your age, gender, goals, or experience—as long as you're OK with working hard and being consistent, this is the place for you.


Core Strength has everything you want in a gym. Aside from the excellent coaches who have an incredible knowledge and experience base, I love the vibe there. Just good people, it's exactly what a gym should feel like. A strong community with everyone supporting each other, cheering each other on, no big egos. I highly recommend it. 


My boyfriend and I joined this gym back in December. 4 months later, and the PR's (personal records) keep coming! But that's not all. We actually look forward to heading straight from work to class 3x/week, where there is a intimate and supportive group of members waiting to train alongside us. The owners/trainers, Chuck and Christina, lead great strength or conditioning classes that are safe, accomodating to our goals and needs, and a helluva workout. These things are invaluable to us, and Chuck and Christina offer them for a very reasonable price! And better yet, there is a pretty even amount of men and women members (at all ages too), making this a very diverse, woman-friendly, and non-intimidating environment for all to work in- something that's hard to come by these days.

You gotta understand, we are not the pumping iron sort of people. What's most alluring to us about this gym is a tight-knit community you become a part of. My boyfriend and I have found that doing these classes together has also strengthened our relationship. Strong body, strong mind, strong relationships, what's not to love?!


One of the best places you can go in the Philadelphia area that specializes in strength training and fitness. Best equipment and trainers hands down. Drop the box gym and check out Core.


Great gym to work out in! Christina and Chuck are awesome instructors and make it fun to work out! Everyone is friendly and it is a no pressure atmosphere. I like taking the kettle bell classes a couple days a week. They offer other classes and personal training. I have been going in for a couple of months and feel stronger and confident. I think it is the best gym in the KOP area! Come check it out!


Come for the equipment and classes and stay for the community. CORE is filled with amazing people, staff and members, who are warm and welcoming and will help you to achieve your goals.


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