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 I’m a lot stronger than I was just 6 months ago, and feel a bit more confident in general. It’s also been great mentally to have a regular class time where I know I’m going to go, lift, and not think about work or other various stresses from my day-to-day life.

Going to visit the gym and talking to Chuck and Christina really helped with this fear. If you talk to them you quickly realize they have a ton of experience as coaches and are very capable at teaching proper and safe technique.

Is there anything else about your CST experience that you want to share with the world?

I would say definitely come try a class, and see if you might enjoy it. Especially if you’re struggling, having a regularly scheduled time to go to the gym can be a huge help in building healthier habits. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by other people who are going through or have gone through their own fitness struggles and can encourage you in your own goals. You may surprise yourself with how much you enjoy lifting heavy things!

Think about someone out there who is like you before you joined CST. They're struggling with their fitness goals and are thinking about joining CST. What would you say to them?

Think back to when you joined CORE Strength Training. What was your biggest fear or concern before starting at CST?

I hadn’t done much barbell training before joining CORE, but a few years ago I tried to do a little bit on my own. I didn’t exactly injure myself, but I clearly wasn’t doing it correctly because I was starting to experience some pain. So I was still super interested in barbell training, but I was mostly afraid I was going to seriously injure myself.

How did you overcome that fear or concern to take the plunge and become one of us?

The people here are really nice, and very approachable! If you’re concerned about being a beginner or not knowing how to do a movement or use a piece of equipment, you can just ask somebody. This is a great community of people who help each other out.

What was your biggest fitness struggle and how did CST help you overcome it?

My biggest struggle with fitness right now is with eating healthier and losing some weight. Training regularly at CST is helping with this because the more I train, the more I realize that my nutrition plays a huge part in recovery and in having energy. So, this is motivating me to slowly change what I eat for the better.

How is your life different now that you’re a part of the CST family?



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