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You must have optimal results, and you are looking for support, structure, and accountability.  Track your progress, receive consistent guidance from your coaches, motivation from emails and social media messages. When you apply yourself to the program 100%, you will get results - it's a proven, tried & tested system that has gotten many in the best shape of their lives.

Strength Classes

We love working hard and sharing the experience with a community of members.


Our team training classes are fun, challenging, creative, and totally unlike commercial gym group classes. We offer 2 types of classes to match your training goals:

  • Strength

  • Conditioning

Goodbye fat and hello muscles!

Group classes at CST are unlike any fitness class you've ever taken.

  • Small group environment allows opportunity for individual attention and safe effective training

  • Develop a camaraderie within the group to help motivate and push you to higher levels in a non-intimidating, supportive atmosphere.

  • Clear prompts and guidance

Conditioning Classes

  • Classes are catered to each individual’s ability with measured progression

  • Alternative exercises for those who may have a physical limitation or just aren’t ready for a particular movement (no “sitting this one out”)

  • Weather permitting, we trek outside to perform metabolic conditioning (sled pushes, farmers’ carries, relays, etc.) that burns calories for days afterwards (and is a whole lotta fun)


We try to discourage members from consistently missing sessions, as results are dependent upon consistent dedicated effort. We do not refund unused training.

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