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Options to suit your needs


What matters most to you when you join a gym? 

Most gyms bet the farm that you care about only one thing: price. Then they go to agonizing lengths to show you that they are the most spectacular bargain you've ever seen. Low rates! No fees! No commitment! 

"No commitment?" When was the last time you achieved something without committing to it? 

These other gyms make you think you have no commitment to them. What it really means is they have no commitment to you. 

Results emerge from commitment, patience, expert coaching, and a plan. 

That's what we're offering: a kettlebell, barbell, and semi-private group training studio that delivers results, whether your goal is weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, or increased mobility. Now it's up to you to take the first step. 



Unlimited access to our high energy group classes. Feel the supportive environment in action!

Classes offered:


  • Strength Classes

  • Kettlebell Classes

  • Conditioning Classes

  • Recovery Classes

  • Work towards your fitness goals in a motivating, social supportive environment

  • Perfect for any skill level


The best of both worlds!



Accelerate your results with the addition of semi-private personal training

Membership benefits:

  • One semi-private personal training session (athlete to coach ratio of 4:1) with a coach every single week.

  • Individualized workout programs designed specifically for you.

  • Unlimited use of the gym to do your program on your own when you're not with a coach.

  • Unlimited access to our high energy group classes.

Perfect opportunity to work on specific areas of fitness



What is offered:


  • Everything in the Custom package plus....

  •  An additional semi-private personal training session with a coach every week. 


  • Once a month nutritional coaching

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