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I reached out and had a conversation with Christina and decided to come in for a 1X1 session so I could meet her in person and so she could evaluate my level of fitness but also where I was at with my foot. I wanted her to be comfortable with me in the class and just have an understanding of what would need to be modified. I got in a great workout, had fun, and was hooked.

Whether you’re a beginner, a fitness buff, or anything in between, you can join a class at CST, and fit right in. If you’re a beginner, don’t ever feel like you will be hindering the workouts of those that are more experienced. Everything can be adjusted to your level. Christina & Chuck really take the time to make sure that classes are well rounded and that members are doing the workouts correctly to avoid injury, and that each person is working to their full potential. I attend mostly Kettlebell classes and through those workouts, I have added 100 pounds to my Barbell Deadlift PR since I started at CST in October 2017.

Is there anything else about your CST experience that you want to share with the world?

Give CST a shot. The training is great. It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey, you will get a great workout at CST.

Think about someone out there who is like you before you joined CST. They're struggling with their fitness goals and are thinking about joining CST. What would you say to them?

Think back to when you joined CORE Strength Training. What was your biggest fear or concern before starting at CST?

I’m new to the area so I was relying on a google search to find a gym. When I moved, I was walking away from a gym that I loved, so I was sort of comparing every gym that I checked out to that specific gym. I  have an issue with my foot, so I was stressed about walking into a gym and saying I wanted to join and do all the classes but was going to require modifications on a lot of exercises. I was also worried about the strength training focus. In the past I had done some strength training, but had never taken a barbell class. I was a bit intimidated by this, but figured it would give it a shot since I really do love a lot of the components of strength training that I had experienced and understand why both strength & conditioning are important.

How did you overcome that fear or concern to take the plunge and become one of us?

 I always look forward to going to CST. I’ve met some really great people there. As far as my fitness goes, I have made strength gains that I never even had considered an option. I was always so focused on working out to lose weight that I never focused on building up strength the way that I have. Oh, and I never walk out of CST without having at least one really good laugh. The atmosphere is fun, but people are absolutely getting serious workouts in.

What was your biggest fitness struggle and how did CST help you overcome it?

I think my biggest struggle has been self-confidence. I never saw myself as strong before working out at CST. I’ve gained a lot of strength and confidence since I’ve started there. I’m much more comfortable using equipment that is new to me and I’m a lot less timid about trying heavier weights/higher reps than ever before.

How is your life different now that you’re a part of the CST family?



Close by sharing something about your life outside CST that we might not know.

I love working out and am passionate about wellness related activities. I am constantly trying to learn about the latest & greatest trends, especially in the nutrition field. When I’m not working, I love to travel, enjoy good food & drinks, and spend time with my friends & family. My favorite place to be, where I’m most content,  is at the beach.

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